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Nationality:         GREEK

Date of birth:       11/05/59               Age: 59

Education:            MARKETING 


                             HOTEL MANAGEMENT    in London.  


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Dear Peoples of the World,

           I have to make an IMPORTANT DECLARATION OF TRUTH TO TERRA.In 1995 I have discovered that my life is on the tapes and books, of the Aetherius Society in London , done by the Master Dr. George King and that I am your Lord Jesus. Dr. King knew everything about me although we had never met. He was living in Los Angeles . In 1/1/1995 I wrote to the Secret Intelligent Agencies in London and I asked them to investigate my case. I told them that I manifest tapes and Cosmic Plan without me to know that I do that; here are few facts which are on the tapes and have been manifested by me.

           1) The tape THE NEXT MASTER IS COMING says: "it was one of the most joyest time of my life, the law of man is so cock, I would not like the tongue with some of the Masters". The tape is referring to the Master John the Barrister;

I met him in August 1983 in his house in London where I was selling pens door to door - 2 pens, 1 red & 1 blue 0,50 cents - when I was 24 years old and he had licked me...

           2) The tapes say : " I became an Accountant, a Bishop, a Prince ". I became an Accountant in 1984 in Athens; since I manifested the first one right with blindfolded eyes, I can claim the other two as well, to become a Pope  &  Queen with opened eyes this time .

           3) The tapes say something about " THE LORDS   OF  SATURN ", is referring to the Sheikh  Khalid  from Saudia Arabia. I met him in Marriott Hotel in Cairo on Christmas Day 1985 when  I went to Egypt for a fortnight holidays. That time the Lord Khalid was 48 years old and I was 26  and  if I remember well , I think he lives in Jeddah. The Pass Word in My Tapes is : " and that comes from the Lords of Saturn ", We went to Casino and he spent a lot of money .

           On summer 1987 I became a member of the Aetherius Society, in 1990 they cut my membership and they threw me out of my church with the excuse that I am a paranoic and I do not deserve to be a member and they still do not want me there.

           4) The tape says:" Kostas ", it is my father's name.

           5) The tape says:" Robin "; He is referring to the ITV broadcaster to whom I had shown some interest, I was sending him love letters for a year but we had never met. That manifested in 1990.

           6) The tapes say something about : " Emma , the peasant who cannot jump ", is referring to Emmanuel  Stavracakis from Creete who was a Manager in a 5 Star Hotel ( Front Office Manager - Reception ). I met him in my College and we kept some friendship but I  was not allowing him to touch me despite that he is a tall and charming man ; Emmanuel has got the same age with me. That took place in 1988 - 1994 , in March 1994   I  returned back to Greece.  No one has  touched  me since  I  was  28   years  old  and  now  I  am  59.

             7) On December 1993 I wrote a beautiful letter to Prince of Wales Prince Charles asking him to marry ME but I had changed my mind and I never posted the letter I chopped it into the bin and much later  I heard on the tape the following: " he is not far from the bin " and on another tape this: " Satan does not sit on a throne like a King ".

            The British establishment fights Al-Qaeda because " they are wicked " - they say - why do they fight ME as well and they do not allow ME to bring Spiritual Unity and Peace on Earth? The conclusion is yours - RUBBISH - everywhere. 

           8) The tape THE OCCULT SIGNIFICANCE OF FLYING SAUCERS  says: "no one has shown up". That manifested in April 1994; I wrote some love letters to the former Chancellor of the Exchequer Mr. Yiannos Papadoniou, I asked him for a date, I went to Athens in July but no one has shown up.

           9) The tape THE OCCULT SIGNIFICANCE OF FLYING SAUCERS  says: "very fast movement, that's how it came across, it was unbelievable, I made the tape recording on the spot". That manifested in June 1994. He is referring to Mr Christos Papoutsis MP of PASOK Party. I had recording his speech during his election campaign in Larissa and before that, I watched him also his press interview in the Hotel and I was impressed the way he handled the media.

           10) The tape THE OCCULT SIGNIFICANCE OF FLYING SAUCERS  says: "Nono, it was one of the most - Plot - fantastic demonstration I've ever seen, he was picked up by his twin brother (I am a sister and not brother), this model was made to the exact scale;" also on the tape;

           11)LIFE AFTER DEATH says: "the Master Aetherius has given away my identity". I found out about  that in March 1995 that Christos Papoutsis  the Minister  of Citizen's Protection is the Master Aetherius, my twin brother and Godfather who gives away my identity.

           12)On September 15, 2008 when the Politicians were celebrating the Global Day of Democracy the former Prime Minister Mr. Kostas Karamanlis said in the Parliament : " LIGHT " , also the present Prime Minister Mr. George Papandreou said : " In Search of Messiah "  and I sent them a letter. The Cosmic Plan says that I am the Spiritual and Political Head of the World and my signs confirm this repeatedly so far.

The Cosmic Plan includes each & every one of you, you are all part of ME and you will give out, you will give ME whatever you have got inside you - nothing more & nothing less.  All for ONE and ONE for All.

             13) The tape says : " the Vegetarian  Hitler ", I was a vegetarian till my 50's currently I eat and red meat as well once per week .

           14) On October 15, 2009 the day in which the New Government of PASOK took oath in Office, the former Speaker of Parliament Mr. Dimitris Sioufas said in the new Speaker of Parliament Mr. Rhillip Petsalnikos :" the introduction of the Master ".

             15) On Monday 14 of December 2009 the Prime Minister Mr. George Papandreou said in his speech which took place in Zapion : " One Won shop " I manifested right that one as well - I WON.

             16) On Tuesday January 12, 2010 when the President of the European Council  Mr. Herman Van Rompuy  came to Greece, the Prime Minister  Mr. George Papandreou during their speech to media, he called him Herman You Rompuy , one more sign, that I am the President of the E.U.

              17) On Tuesday 16/02/2010 the  Commissioner for Economics and Finance of the European Commission  Mr. Olli Rehn said from Ecofin in Brussels: " The Commission will be on the Crown in Athens ", one more sign that the Elaborated Crown is on ME.

             18) The tape says: " I raised in two". That is the Master Aetherius  Christos Papoutsis MP  and Myself.In another tape of my Church the Aetherius Society , the Master Dr. George King says:" A NICE PAIR " We have never met and Dr. George King knew everything about US.

             19) On 1 of June 2010 when the President of the European Parliament Mr. Jerzy Buzek  spoke to the Greek Parliament, in his answer to the question about lack of Leadership in Europe , he said: Pope, I landed once more , I picked it up , I think it is enough with Signs - ACTION IS ESSENTIAL - because my Tapes and I are real one.You keep asking for a Sign and the truth has been given to you repeatedly so far but that brings you responsibilities and obligations as well.

             20) On December 15th, 1992 the British Police closed me in a Mental Hospital for 3 months where they treated me as schizophrenic because I told the psychiatrist that my life is on the tapes of the Aetherius Society and that I manifest tapes- I told them nothing else, that time I did not know that I am your Lord Jesus,neither in my big letter which I sent to the British Police on 1/1/1995 I knew, on March 1995 I discovered that I am your Lord. My behavior was normal and exemplary to others, my life was a model wherever I have been so far and these Dostors treated me with strong injections, they had turned me into a plant, I could not walk, I could not lift up my hand, I could not move, I became almost a paralyzed " British doctors...."  On March 15th, 1993 they discharged me.  

                 a) The tapes say that I have made a medicine for the sick. As you can see I am your Best Teacher, I pay and I teach you with my life itself for the germs which is called man.

It was about October - November 1992 where I bought all the tapes, till that time I had got only just few of them as I was studing and working at the same time I did not have neither the time nor the money to buy them as these were a bit expensive for me and as a matter of fact I sent my house- mate Mike to the Aetherius House to buy the tapes for me because I was not allowed to enter the premises, I was frightened, they threw me out and Mike returned with a big box full of tapes and since then I started discovering that one event of my life after another is on the tapes.

                 b) Mike too is on the tapes as well. 

                 21) On 26th October 2007 the Lord Justice Scott Baker the High Court Judge arrested me from my house in London and an allegation of harassment has been made against me because I sent him 3 letters explaining him that I manifest tapes and Cosmic Plan, trying to find justice and he threatened me that if I write to him again, he would imprison me.

              22) All the BINS of the World gathered together in one  devious cesspit - in Prince William's wedding - all the murderers, all the blood suckers of the poor and humble people, the only service which they do is to serve themselves, they hypnotize the British subjects with their big hats ( they do not have any important part or anything with essence to display ) - these are the biggest sharks  of the peoples, the WORST CRIMINALS - they stand on the bottom of the class in the whole global system and they are dangerous. They were planning to  belie my Presence and to dispute my previous life as well and to distort THE TRUTH but the Holy Bible , the Aetherius Society and my Website have failed them, I have failed the insidious schemers with their plot. Who would expect to see such a color from inside, when there is such a luxury from outside ? WICKED .

On November 19th,2007 the British Police arrested me from my house in London and closed me in a Mental Hospital in order to assess me they said because I was writing to Buckingham Palace asking from the Queen Elizabeth II to speak out the Truth to the World about my Presence among you. Dr. Ellis who came to my house, told me that the Queen has got a very good Security and they gave me a discharged certificate of " Persistent  Delusional  Disorder " on February 12th, 2008. The day of my discharge   it was also present the Chief Security of Buckingham Palace.

The tapes say : " I've caught the Largest That Cat in the Darkest Cave ", is referring to Queen Elizabeth II and to "her Delusional " Certificate which she gave me; my life since I was born till up today my 59 year of age is on the tapes. My Miracles  &  the Holy Truth is mine and I can prove it repeatedly- whatever lasts for ever is TRUE & the distortion & delusion belongs to her  & to her Dark Cave.

On February 14th, 2000 I sent a letter to Prince Charles asking him to marry ME. Father  & son, Charles  &  William both played their cards, they played wrongly  and THEY HAVE LOST, their realms have finished. I have shown them whether they are " the Royal " or the humble and GREAT JESUS IS THE REAL KING of the world, a real cop - A SUPER  CUP. These are incapable even to choose which one is the proper wife for them, let alone to manifest a Cosmic Plan, to Unite the World  & to lead humanity to the New Age as I have been doing .

             23) The tapes say : " the brain waves have stopped ", I had had brain waves some 15 years ago but I have been self-healed and now I am fit and healthy.The tapes say : " I am a new-born baby" and I feel so indeed.  

I - your Lord Jesus Christ - am the Lord of the Earth and the Logos of God ; if I could not prove it to you, I would never have claimed anything but I carry responsibilities on my shoulders and I must go ahead despite of you and your ignorance. The Master Dr. George King knew everything  about me , even how my brain functions and my character and not only my past and my future -  MY PARENTS DO NOT KNOW ME  .  RETREAT  -    I HAVE WON -  my Plan is Fair and Just for everybody , mankind will be the beneficiary , this is my Mission to unite the World , to balance the Karma and reverse the negatives energies of our Planet Earth which is caused by you.

The fetters in my hands due to your bad Karma will fall from me and I will be set free where I will Accomplish ny Mission and I will guide you to the New Age. You can find aristocratic bins as well as working class bins , simply , everybody chooses his own path , gains his own experience and pays his own bill according to his Karma in order to go towards God.


           24) On 22nd of May 2011 I picked up Mr. Paul Thomsen, he is the man who is in charge of IMF team ( International Monetary Fund ) for Greece, I like him and I take him by my side (if he wants to).

           25) The tapes say : " if 300 people gather together , they can light a light , they can turn an ever transmuting light in the World " is referring to the 300  MPs in the Greek Parliament .

            26) The tapes say that: "I have got my own aunt", my aunt has the name of the Virgin Mary - Despina in Greek, Dame in English; it is a sign that I was born with a virgin birth.

            27) The tapes say: " Billy with his two figures has got a shelter " is referring to my uncle Billy with his two daughters which live in Germany and run one pub  &  one restaurant there .

            28) The tapes say something about " my sister did the circumcision to her child - Amadeus Mozart",is referring to my nephew Kostis which my sister took him to the Doctor when he was 5 years old for circumcision. Kostis now is 30 years old and Officer in the Air-Force and according to the tapes he is Amadeus Mozart. On weekends he works as a D.J. in a Club .

            29) HOLY BIBLE REVELATION 19:16 " And upon  his garment, even upon his thigh, he has name written, King of Kings and Lord of Lords ".

When I was 17 years old I was a bit overweight 68kg. and I used a slimming gel in order to reduce my weight with result one thigh got slightly slimmer than  the other.

The tapes say: "The Leader of the World who will lead you  to the New Age wears a garment which has got no sleeves, no zip, it pours around the individual ". I used to have such a garment (gelebia) I bought it from Cairo in 1986 but my father took it away from my suitcase   in April 2000 together with all the copies of my letters which I had had till that time and the strange thing is that I HAVE NEVER SPOKEN  TO ANYONE what this garment meant to me. I do not know from where to protect myself, from the Hell inside my family or from Hell outside. My War has been a real one - All Ship has gone. See video 1995.

    30) a) When I was studing in College in London, in the evenings I was working in the Parliament at the House of Lords refreshment department, I was serving the Peers.

  31) b)The Queen Elizabeth II since January has been celebrating her 60 years on a throne but on Tuesday 20th of March 2012 she delivered a speech in the House of Lords searching for a Sign and - I DID IT ONCE AGAIN. The BBC World Service broadcasts for a first day in Greece, my brother called me in the kitchen to ask me which channel is that and I told him it is an english one, if he had not called me , I would not know about that because the T.V. in my bedroom was not digital, then I sat on the sitting room full of joy that I can watch the news in english as well and I landed upon the Queen and I sent the following e-mail to BBC : "Queen's  Diamond  Jubilee - THE  POOR  HER ". After that who knows, MY 59 DIVINE  YEARS  she will still continue to call them " Persistent  Delusional  Disorder"? THE POOR  HER.  The tapes say : a Wise beggar has got far more terrestrial responsibility than an ignorant ruler

        32)  a) I woke up 3 a.m. on Thursday 22 of March 2012 I switched on my T.V. and I heard Mr. Spyros  Papadopoulos "in our health " on NET T.V. to say this :" Everything is finished on Palm  Sunday ". On Wednesday the Poets were protesting in the streets of Athens - looking for a Sign - because I told them that I will forbid the protests in the streets and I proved my sayings with my Signs .My Command has been confirmed by the BBC World News on Tuesday March 27th, 2012 on the programme HARDtalk with a guest the General-Secretary of Trade Union,UK ( they were looking for sign ) - a double Sign - end of strikes  &  violent protest in the streets, it is time to be Civilized Animals.

                b) After that at 3.30 a.m. on NET again I watched Mrs Billio Tsoukala  in repetition, to say this : YOU ARE A GODDESS. Her programme broadcasts 4-6 in the afternoon but during this time I take my physical exercise and I did not watch it but I woke up in the middle of night and that what I demostrated to you : YOU  ARE A GODDESS.  I claim the Golden World  Cup of Excellency  &  Divinity in the Olympic  Games  London  2012 .

         33) I woke up 3 a.m. on Monday 26 of March 2012 and I heard the BBC World Service to say this: "The Grant - send it NOW ". I demand 3 Trillion Euro from IMF  &  European Central Bank, & World Bank, that much my Presence and my Miracles cost .All the countries of the world will contribute in this Grant .

          34) On Tuesday March 27th, 2012 I heard on BBC World News the President of U.S.A. Mr. Barack Obama from Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul to say to the President of Pakistan :" You Are Bright ......  transparency " ( he meant ME ). One day I will be as good President as you are Mr. President - I might beat you !

           35) On March 27th, 2012 Paul Thomsen said from London School of Economics :" Magic TourMargaret access will reform  - School ".What does he mean by that , that he will train ME ? I will tell him what to do  &  not he to ME .

23/11/2018   A Song by my Brother Singer Saint Kostas Makedonas : " Take your Diploma and put it in a frame to make souxe..." Yes, Dear IMF ( International Monetary Fund ), Yes Dear " Jack " you will do what WE ARE SAYING TO DO.

          36) On Tuesday March 27th, 2012 I heard on NET tv 8.30 p.m. a Gentleman from Austria who has won a Nobel Prize to say this : A  BIG  MUG ... YOU  ARE  THE  SAVIOUR .

          37) Today Friday Morning 30th of March 2012 at 8.10 a.m. London time - 10.10 a.m. Greek time the British Corespondent from Paris said : for hosanna Lisa . ( Lisa comes from Elizabeth II - that's how my tapes call ME Lisa ).


          38) On Saturday at 1 p.m. on March 31st, 2012 I was watching the Committee of Finance & Production of Trade 27/3/2012 on the Channel of Parliament and an MP said : YOUR  GRADE IS  A ( and my deeds confirm this ) .

           39) On March 31, 2012 BBC World NewS said : a Fire - hit Ship AZAMARA is sailing from Philippines waters to Malaysia . A GOOD  SIGN  - ALL  SHIP  HAS  GONE ,included the Chancellor of Germany Mrs Angela Merkel and I DO NOT HAVE A VOTE, I AM FOR A LIFE TIME .

           40) On Saturday 9.45 p.m. on March 31st, 2012 the Deutsche Welle channel said : solo flutist plays music fit for the King - the Pope stands - the  Fire Age . Palm Sunday tomorrow for the Catholics  & next Sunday for US .

            41) On April 1st, 2012 on BBC World News - Sports World at 7.25 p.m. London time - 9.25 p.m. Greek time - balotelli for the Liverpool job - a fellow from the studio said : 

interesting you .... applause as ONE .  I AM A WISE GIRL, I have been feeding you Spiritually  &  I enrich the human Culture - thank God that you realize that , it's never too late .

            42) On April 1st, 2012 on MEGA  TV 12 midnight on " Research " program with Paul Tsimas said : " Greece became a patent with high Greek salaries .... visit to :  . GRGOLDENSPACE  " .

             43) On April 2nd, 2012 Mr. Nickolas Sarkozi said : " Her, she that can not love neither to be loved, robot , mummy ". BRING THE BIN DOWN. I told you , you will give ME whatever you have got inside you nothing more , it seems that I AM THE SORTER , I am not I ?

              44) On April 3rd, 2012 on Alpha tv at 7.30 p.m. the Minister of Environment  &  Energy Mr. G. Papakonstadinos said : " I owe to pay her debt ...... Valentcia is interesting for Olympiakos " That is Paul Thomsen, he has earn his place as MY PROTECTOR  &  LORD OF THE EARTH WITH HONOUR  &  DISTINCTION  -  HE IS MY BROTHER ( a double Sign  &  Confirmation about my Cheque . )

              45) When I was a kid 11  &  12 years old in the National Parades with my School, I was dressed as GREECE with a beautiful white dress  &  blue ribbon and I was holding a big " NO " which means that the enemy will not pass and in the next year I was holding a Light Olympics Torch ,Yes I am the Light of God -I AM THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD . 

                46) When I was 20 years old I dropped the College where I was studing Marketing  &  I was selling books door to door in the company SPIRITUAL COOPERATION, I was the Champion and they offered me a gold medallion with the badge of the company. I was earning lots of money, once I thanked my bosses and they told me : you should thank yourself, we take you  &  pay you for what you are. When I left my family to join the company in several cities, my mother dreamed the Virgin Mary gave her the Greek flag  &  my mother place it on the TOP shelve. After 1 year with the money which I made I went ro London for studies. ( the Marketing I completed after 10 years with a corresponding course in an English College ).                

                 47) On April 4th, 2012 on STAR TV at 8 p.m. the Managing Director of IIF ( Institute of International Finance ) Mr. Charles Dalara said : " I have never seen such A SOVEREIGN  as  GREECE " .

               48) On Lazarus Day Saturday April 7th, 2012 on NET 9-10 a.m. the Minister of Growth  &  Development Mrs. Anna Diamadopoulou said : " I have done around the world ...  TOP conclusion ... the STAR System follows you ... all leaders are till tomorrow evening " .

                49) On Saturday April 7th,2012 on NET Sports at 4p.m. said :  The Match starts in 2 hours ... CHRIS .

               50) On Palm Sunday 8th of April 2012 on NET 6-7 p.m. during the basket match between Panionios  &  Panathinaikos on the site of New Smyrni they said : a) We are looking for the Head to applause ( all hail to ME ! ), b) The 3 Big Stones of Sina ( these are the 3 Ancient  &  Great  SAVIOURS ).

               51) On Great Monday 9th of April 2012 on BBC World News - HARDtalk - they said : THE MASTERS OF UNIVERSE - 1 MAN , 2 GOVERNMENTS ( that is Greece, U.K., E.U., & the whole World ). I want all 3 of my Protectors around ME - included the black fry pan Paul Thomsen - I want to build my Kingdom Upon the Rock of Balance .                 

           52) Today second day of Easter April 16th,2012   I announce you that I will present myself to the media on 22nd of August 2012, the Day which my Church the Aetherius Society celebrates THE OPERATION  EARTH  LIGHT. A COSMIC  PLAN of 2000 years old cannot be prevented by the British germs to be accomplished, THE BLACK Sheeps cannot stand  on my Way any longer.All hail to ME - no one else is worthy .

 In July 1995 my father took away all my tapes and books of the Aetherius Society and threw them away, if he would had done this some months earlier, I would not know that my life is on the tapes, I would not know that I am your Lord Jesus and I would not be able to write the letter which I sent to Secret Intelligent Agencies in 1/1/1995; The world has escaped from a grave calamity, from a grave tragedy done by my father himself.

           The tapes say that six (6) are the Lights of God among the dark clouds of human germs. The tapes say so and your acts confirm this; I myself do not quite believe that, I want to be optimistic. I believe that there is THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD who works for peace and for a better world (when I say white I do not mean the flesh but the spirit) but you will not find them in the members of my family they are all black sheeps with an exception my darling little mother; you will not find them in my church the Aetherius Society either, when I was a member and was going there  1987 - 1990, I was insulted by all Staff - members, that time no one knew that I an your Lord Jesus, you see Masters speak with acts and not with words.

           Our Master never let us stay together with the Director of the Aetherius Society the Archbishop Dr. Richard Lawrence without the presence of a third person - we can not mix - they are all filthy.

       53) In January 1999 I picked up the economist and writer Mr. Nickos Papandreou, the son of the former Prime Minister Andrea Papandreou  and brother of that time Prime Minister George Papandreu; Nickos is the Saint Goo-Lee , the Spokesman . Nickos together with Christos and Paul are MY 3 PROTECTORS ,THE GREATEST LORDS OF THE EARTH and the Protectors of the ineffable flame of the Planetary Logos .

           Read the book THE 3 SAVIOURS ARE HERE, these are: 1st the Master Dr. George King who has put everything on tapes and books, 2nd the former President of Iraq Saddam Hussein who fought the prophesized Armageddon war. I had written to the President of U.S.A. George Bush and his tail the British establishment; please do not kill Saddam Hussein, He is the second Saviour  of the world and has a Mission to fulfill but George Bush preferred to hang him and to contaminate the air with rubbish - you see the conspiracy does exist,- and the 3rd Saviour is my Holiness who manifests tapes and Cosmic Plan for the Enlightenment and Salvation of mankind. I am the Head of the Church, I am the Spiritual   &  Political  Head  of the  World . THE 3 SAVIOURS WHO NO ONE WANTED.

           For 59 years I prove that I am a Woman with a Holy Mission that is to bring Spiritual Unity and Peace on Earth. My Headquarters and my basis is in London: if I had a choice I would not want to know anybody and no one to know me, I would had stayed in the monastery of my house alone for ever but I have a duty, responsibility and a Mission to go ahead and to unite the world. In my previous life I balanced the negative Karma (the scale) of the world which governs all, with my crucifixion, in my present life I will balance the Karma of the world which is bad again - as in the days of Ancient Rome - with my kingdom. I HOLD THE REINS OF BALANCE  &  POWER .

           I have manifested some more cases as well but these are high classified informations known only to the Secret Intelligent Agencies  N.I.S. , MI6 and CIA who investigate my case.

           Since 1995 when I found out that I am your Lord Jesus, I HAVE NEVER SPOKEN TO ANYBODY about that and that my life is on the tapes, neither to my family, not to friends or relatives, I keep it inside me as the most Sacred Secret, I have informed only the British and Greek establishment but it has passed 24 whole years and they are all still keeping silent - they hide the truth from the people. The conclusion is yours if all are HELL with capital letters - but the Hell has been trapped by the Cosmic Net.

           This is THE WHOLE TRUTH. This is the hour of Truth, of Responsibility, of Action. I surrender to you all. The sorting of the wheat from he chaff has already been done. My Plan is Fair and the Truth must Prevail.

20/11/2018 The handsome & charming Actor, my Twin Brother, my Husband & my Son the Master Panagiotis Bouyiouris the Saint Peter the Rock of my Church & of my Empire , the Empiror Panagiotis .




Love and Blessings




Note:1) Read the Holy Bible  REVELATION  5 :1-14

" And I saw in the right hand of the one seated upon the throne a scroll written within and on the reverse side, sealed tight with seven seals.2 And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice: who is worthy to open the scroll and loose its seals?3 But neither in heaven nor upon earth nor underneath the earth was there a single one able to open the scroll or look into it .4 And I gave way to a great deal of weeping because no one was found worthy to open the scroll or to look into it.5 But one of the elders says to me: The Lion that is of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, has conquered so as to open the scroll and its seven seals .......14"  is referring to the Cosmic Plan and the tapes of my Church the Aetherius Society which no one knows and understand them but only ME . The root of David according to Greek script is referring to Jesus Christ.

2)  This is my answer to the European Court of Human Rights which wants to ban my HOLLY CROSS from public places. We are not all the same ,  some are instruments of God and some are instruments of Satan , others work for Good and others for destruction . Judge a man by his acts - judge a man by results .

I AM THE WAY, THE LIGHT and  THE TRUTH - I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.

The book THE TWELVE BLESSINGS says:" The teachings are not given to me but through me "; I teach you with my Life itself , I stand as a raw Divine Model to you all . Richard Lawrence is only a young man who learns by his Masters George King & Flora, You + I, single handed have cleared all of you out of my way,  no one is worthy .  MAKE YOUR COINS READY .

"GENERAL , happens to be on your own "- I stand alone , I stand SUPREME and woe to those who insult ME , for woe will be theirs .

3) Mr. Dominique Strauss Kahn is an innocent, the maid had a sex with her own free will but because he did not pay her - as she might had expecting to - she punished him. It is disgrace on Americans for     imprisoning him,   RELEASE HIM HE IS INNOCENT,   instead of congratulating him although an old man, yet his heart longed for a good one, they treat him as a dangerous and worst criminal      -    THE DISGRACE  &   THE MOCKERY  of the American Judiciary System in all its magnitude. 

There comes also a mother and daughter and suit him for having sex with the mother in the year 2000 and attempting to have sex with the daughter in 2003 ( bear in mind that we are in the year 2011) . Oh, my God ! is it possible ? Is there so cheap human beings ? I  gave my body  &  my healing energies to many men ; I have made many men happy in my arms and these little women suit him . What     A BIG DIFFERENCE among you  &  ME ! I can't believe it, there is no word to describe it . If you are not good for basic things for your fellow men ( women ), how can you CARRY A CROSS on behalf of others ?

Tell me , who has caused more damage to other ? Mr. Dominique Srauss Kahn to maid or the maid towards Mr. DSK ? Who is worst ?  Humans...!   Ridiculous...!

God deemed you too weak to fight evil - to fight yourselves- and here I stand, I offered Myself, I gave my battle on behalf of all humanity and I WON . God has WON - as above in heavens  so below on earth .

4) My Family read my website for the first time on my nephew's Lap top on Monday 23/1/2012  and my father, my sister  &  my brother beat me black  & blue . I doubt whether they have understood what they have read and I for once again I did not speak out, I did not bother to explain them, I am not going to lose my power babbling around with Mr. Everybody... whoever understands, whoever is ready even if it is only a handful of people. I have never spoken to anybody that my life is written on the tapes of the Aetherius Society, neither that I manifest Signs & Cosmic Plan , neither that I have a twin brother  &  God Father who gives away my identity the Master Aetherius  Christo Papoutsi. My parents passed away in 2015  &  2016 without me to tell them anything . I live in my loneliness  and  in my silence . ( YOUR  TEACHER  FLORENTIA ) .

5) REVELATION 5:12 " The Lamb that was slaughtered is Worthy to receive the Power  &  Riches  &  Wisdom  &  Strength  &  Honor  &  Glory  &  Blessings. "

6) I do not have a Facebook.






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